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Lost Photos

Between Christmas and New Years, I was in Yosemite valley with the opportunity to shoot the historic free climb of El Capitan. Aside from the frigid temperatures, the only problem I had was losing a morning of shooting when my compact flash card failed. KomputerBay did eventually replace the card, the photos of the climbers […]


Reflections on a Workshop This last November, I gave myself a birthday present and took a printing workshop from Charlie Cramer, Charles Cramer one of the acknowledged masters in printing, and a student of Ansel Adams. I have wanted to take this workshop for years and it always sells out early, and is only offered once […]

"Photo club","San Jose"

If you want to improve your photography, then here is what you do…..

My son says ‘get involved with the photos’, then again he was a philosophy major. I’m a little more concrete than that… You, not some expert, need to figure out what it is that makes nice photos, then you can start incorporating those elements into your photos. (only slightly more concrete…) My recommendation to those […]

Maples Pavilion,Stanford,Volleyball,women's volleyball

Volleyball revisited

Last night had a great time at the Stanford women vs. Washington State Women volleyball matches.  Thanks go to the anonymous donor  who provides on court seats to my Wife’s high school. This time, I had some prior lessons to draw from…. I set the camera to shutter speed priority and upped the speed, and […]

"Fall 2006","Half Dome",A Locations,A Locations Features,Sunset,Yosemite,feeling,granite,peaceful,reflection,river,rock,seasons,water

Is Black & White Photography just taking color out of a photo?

Most photographers know that there is work involved after capturing the image in the camera. The as it came out of the camera color image above leaves a lot to be desired. The image needs a little more contrast, a little bit more color, some sharpening. The image to the right has those changes. Somewhat […]

Fall Colors

Printing Heartache … Or the trauma of needed maintenance.

I have an HP Designjet Z3100.  At the time I acquired it, it had rave reviews, was frugal with ink, great color gamut.  To my way of thinking this was a great printer, the only downside, is that for a personal printer it is BIG.      This is a production machine, with a much higher duty […]

A Locations,Boomeria

Learning from travels to Boomeria

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery Comparison is the thief of happiness I led a recent photo shoot to Boomeria ( and as I was reviewing photos from the other participants . I was struck by the truth in both of these quotes. As I looked at some of the photos, I […]

Southwest,Zion,sunrise,zion Canyon

The advantages of being open to learning

This photo has local editing from Lightroom Notice the impact of the morning sun on the above Photo Here is the original prior to editing The picture below from Bryce Canyon is the original And the modified copy Notice the increased definition in the sky and greater contrast in the red rock formations.     […]

Stairway to heaven

There are no new photos… ! False !

I used to be active in a meetup group that did group photo activities.  What struck me from our reviews is how different each of the photos was of the same object or setting.    There may be a finite set of places and thing to shoot; however there is no limit on the view points that […]

Old Irish clock

Time Management

~ This post is from last year, but is still relevant, what are your thoughts…??? ~   We had our final planning lunch today for this year’s fall colors trip.   Still a bunch of  details to iron out, like who meets who when and where.   However, we did have an interesting topic show up today as […]